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At some point everyone faces challenges and difficulties in their life that can be overwhelming and cause you to feel helpless.  Hundreds of studies have found that working with a trained therapist is beneficial to:

  • Form a collaborative relationship to achieve your goals.

  • Develop efficient strategies to cope with everyday stressors.

  • Processes losses and disappointments

  • Provide new perspectives

  • Find constructive ways to deal with a situation that is beyond your personal control

  • Being the best you

Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coaching effectively motivates and supports behavior change affecting any area of your health through a structured partnership between the participant and coach.  What you can expect with Integrative Health Coaching:

  • Developing goals around your vision of health

  • Overcoming obstacles that prevent you from being all you can be

  • Getting unstuck and moving forward on a healthy pathway

  • Help creating and clarifying your vision of health

  • Identifying values that are important to you

  • Assessing where you are and where you want to be

  • Developing and implementing a plan for your vision and how to reach your goals

  • Handling any obstacles or changes that arise

  • Being accountable, recognizing and celebrating successes

Changing behaviors and creating “healthy pathways” doesn’t happen over night.  It takes time.  Research has shown that the most benefit from therapy and coaching occurs when there is at least a three month commitment; however, we can arrange the number of sessions and frequency to best fit your needs.  

Fees range from $100 to $130 per session except when other arrangements have been made.

Most medical insurances accepted.

Perhaps the most difficult stranger to welcome is the one who lives inside us.
Mirabai Starr

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