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It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle

Individual Client Experience


          “Working with Kim was an amazing experience – like having a professional organizer for my life! She helped me identify my goals, create a reasonable path to achieving them, and then helped provide a gentle sense of responsibility in following through.”

          “Prior to my work with Kim, I was juggling two full-time jobs and life with my husband and two young children. Making time for health coaching seemed counter-intuitive, but I knew something had to be done. Kim helped me efficiently address the various obstacles that were keeping me from moving forward, then take steps to clear them. I realized that it was feasible (necessary, in fact!) to dramatically reduce the time I was spending on one of my jobs to follow my passion, and though it took some hard work, I’m now living that dream. I may have been able to eventually do it on my own, but I know it would’ve taken months or even years longer without Kim’s help, and I don’t know that my sanity or my family could’ve survived that long!”

          "Kim, I believe that you saved my sister's life! When I referred her to you, she was in terrible physical shape--overweight, stressed due to a job loss, on 25 medications and had a very sedentary lifestyle. Though she had controlled her weight in the past, she was clearly in a bad place and stuck in it!

          I was not surprised by her willingness to work with you because she was not happy with the way she felt. Over the 12 weeks that you coached her, she became the sister that I knew before! You educated her about food choices and exercise and helped empower her to schedule her day to be most productive and include exercise, as well. She stayed extremely motivated and quickly began to feel much better. Right away, her weight started to drop and her doctor began to take her off of the medications!

Within the next year, she was down 50 pounds and down to only 2 or 3 medications, including cholesterol meds!! Truly amazing results!"

          "Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kim Moseley as my Integrative Health Coach.  During the process, I identified several areas where I wanted to work.  My goal was to be rested, relaxed and energetic on a more consistent basis so that I could respond to stressful situations in a calm and thoughtful way. 

          From the Wheel of Health, I identified three areas on which to focus:  Mind Body Connection; Movement, Exercise and Rest; and Physical Environment.  In the coaching process, Kim helped me talk through short and long term goals on which to focus.  When I needed suggestions for strategies, she gave them.  She did not prescribe, she coached.  I did not do anything I didn’t want to do.  She did help me hold myself accountable.  I felt great as I accomplished my goals and was able to celebrate with my coach!

          As a result in just a few short weeks, my home and office are now more organized.  I am spending more time walking.  And, I am using some of the breathing and other stress relief strategies that Kim shared with me. 

          This process worked for me because I was working on issues identified by me, using strategies I believed would work, and I was coached by someone who listened and helped me to hold myself accountable.  This did not take a lot of time on my part.  The coaching was about an hour every 2-3 weeks – scheduled at my convenience.  The results were immediate and profound."

Group Health Coaching Experience


      “The health coaching classes brought new thoughts/perspectives. From the series I developed the ability to stop and think – how is this situation, stress, food, etc. impacting me and what do I do about it."

          “I feel the health coaching classes were about self-improvement! Being in the present moment rather than always wanting to be a step ahead in the next moment was a great take away.”

“Seeing the Wheel of Health helped me become more aware of the interconnection of the many parts of our lives. We know the circle, but do not always connect each area.”

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